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Welcome to UK Tiling Courses

Welcome to UK Tiling Courses, the website to find recommended tiling training providers across the UK. We have a list of privately-owned tiling courses, and then a list of tiling courses held at colleges.

UK Tiling Courses is the one-stop-website for tiling courses in the UK. With a comprehensive list of professional independent tiling training centres, as well as tiling courses held at colleges, you can be sure to find a local tiling course.

This free-to-use website isn’t owned or operated by any tiling training provider, so our advice is unbiased and reliable. However we always recommend going to view each type of course that’s local (and in some cases not so local) to you, so that you can make up your own mind as to which one is most suitable for you.

Tiling Course at Chameleon
Image: Chameleon School of Construction

Visit at least three training centres, speak to course trainees, tutors, find feedback online and offline, and take into account total costs and what qualifications, if any, you obtain after you’ve completed the training.

Tiling Course at UK Pro Tiling Training
Image: UK Pro Tiling Training

Different Types of Tiling Training Centres

There are a few different types of training centres in the UK, we’ll try and explain a few of them here for you to help you choose a tiling course most suitable to you.

Tiling Courses by EBO
Image: EBO Activities Centre
    • Manufacturer Tiling Training: Firstly there are the tiling courses held under the banner of a manufacturer of a product that is related to the tile-industry. So this may be a tile adhesive manufacturer who provides courses, seminars or training displaying their own brand of products, and at the same time teach you how to tile. This can be DIY-based or professional, and often they can get you on the ladder and are connected to the right people to help you get through your tiling NVQ if you would like to further your training.

  • Independent Training Centres: Then there is the private training centre. These would be setup to spread the knowledge of tiling, and are also aimed at professional or the DIY market – although their courses are rarely mixed. The advantage that, some say, exists with going down this route is that they will not be tied to any one brand and will be able to show you various manufacturers adhesive and grouts, and methods and best practices.
  • College Tiling NVQ:┬áSome say the best type of training you can still get is via your local College. However the courses can often be long (nightly or weekends) and underfunded. Though there are a couple of decent colleges providing a sure way to get your Tiling NVQ.