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Tiling NVQ

College Tiling Courses and Tiling NVQ’s

Tiling NVQ’s or Tiling National Vocational Qualifications can be obtained at a couple of levels. The first is the Tiling NVQ Level 2 which is fine for all tiling work in the industry. Once completing that, you can go onto the Tiling NVQ Level 3, which is more to do with management in the wall and floor tiling industry.

Tiling NVQ

Some say the best route into the wall and floor tiling trade is to go to your local College and sign up for their tiling course. The problem with that is most colleges don’t carry out tiling courses. Of the ones that do, they may be night classes, or weekend classes only, which may not always be suitable for your busy schedule. Certainly if you’re retraining at a later stage in life and you need a wage to live on to pay the mortgage or rent or school/nursery fees etc.

However if you’re looking for a tiling NVQ at a college, then there are still a bunch of really good ones across the country available. Some  of these courses are more flexible than you’d think, and are well-funded with brilliant assessors and teachers, who have come from within the tiling industry and often from being an actual wall and floor tiler and not just somebody who’s worked for an adhesive manufacturer for a long time. Which can be the case with some.

Tiling NVQ

As always we recommend going to speak to a few different types of training providers, speak to people who have completed the tiling NVQ and are now in the tile industry doing what you’d like to be doing.

Below is a list of Colleges offering weekend courses, short courses, long courses and tiling NVQ’s. If you know of any not listed, get in touch, and we’ll add them to the list for others to check out.


Please consider checking out the independent tiling forum for the UK which has a tiling courses section with lots of feedback from past students of many types of tiling training centres and colleges.